Frankfurt Heimtextil 2020

A final note concerns a discovery. For years I have emphasized the difficulties of the white goods sector in activating a virtuous circle towards export that gives breath to the industrial activity of the supply chain. For different reasons, sometimes even anachronistic such as citing again the problem of different measures for the various markets, it is not possible, overall, to free oneself from a percentage of exports that travels around a measly 30 percent while, for example, the fabric of 'furniture runs between 75 and 85% of cross-border business. Well, in Frankfurt we met an Italian household linen company in Città Sant'Angelo: it's called Givi Lulù, it produces collections of taste, quality and refinement that are all Italian and works almost entirely with international distribution and department stores ... it can be done! Congratulations.

Thanks #reportex to mention #givilulu

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