Vittorio Ursini & Son owner of Givì Lulù brand commits to only offer products that have been produced without exploitation of the people who produces the goods and who only works in safe and decent conditions. LEGAL Any supplier who accepts an order from Vittorio Ursini & Son makes a commitment to deliver only products that meet our customers’ expectations and therefore must operate within a Code of Conduct. Measurement of compliance with this Code of Conduct will be based on recognised industry standards and prevailing regulations where they exist. Vittorio Ursini & Son will take positive steps to ensure that their requirements are being enforced. We adopted the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) base code in full as its Code of Conduct. This applies to all factories, including all sub-contractors. Suppliers must demonstrate compliance with the Code of Conduct by completing our Supplier evaluation and keep records to show compliance for past and current production including the self evaluation forms and photographs of each factory. Vittorio Ursini & Son will, from time to time conduct its own audits to measure compliance within factories against the Code of Conduct. Any non-compliance found will be discussed with the factory manager and any actions required to address these points.